The BCCM has published edition 1.2 of the Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise (CME) Governance Principles, incorporating recommendations, guidance and commentary for effective member-focussed governance. Edition 1.2 adds commentary on new trends and issues for CMEs that have emerged since the publication of edition 1.1.

Edition 1.1 of the CME Governance Principles was published in July 2018 following an 18-month development and consultation process in partnership with the CME 100 Chairs’ Forum, members and governance experts.

About the Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise (CME) 100 Chairs’ Forum

The BCCM holds a CME 100 Chairs’ Forum bi-annually, bringing together the Chairs of co-operative and mutual enterprises to discuss issues facing the sector and the economy more broadly. Over the past two years, the Chairs’ Forum has focussed on the development of governance principles for member-owned enterprises.

Foundations of Directorship Course for CMEs

15 February, 22 February and 3 March 2021, online delivery

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) is seeking expressions of interest from CME Directors and Executive Staff to undertake the new AICD Foundations of Directorship Course designed specifically for co-operative and mutual directors in Australia to run in 2021.

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