96th International Co-operative Day, 24th United Nations International Day of Co-Operatives

The International Day of Co-operatives is coming up on 7 July. 

We are convinced that all together we can make #coopsday a big buzz.

Theme: Sustainable consumption and production of goods and services

Slogan: Sustainable societies through cooperation


  1. Spread the message through social media on 7 July using the below preformatted messages
  2. Pledge your co-operative on to campaign to show the commitment of your co-operative to the Sustainable Development Goals and share on social media on 7 July

1. Spread the message

Preformatted messages for the social media

You don’t have much time to promote #coopsday but you definitely want to make #coopsday a big buzz? We have prepared some ‘ready to post’ messages for social media you can simply copy and paste or adapt them to your audience. The floor is yours:

  • We are 1.2 billion members of #coops and we are delivering the @UN #SDG. On #CoopsDay we are showing the world that it is possible to grow with democracy, equity and social justice! @SDGoals @BCCM_AU
  • We believe #coops consume, produce and use the resources that the planet gives us but in solidarity with the environment and with our communities. That’s why the world’s 1.2 billion #coops members are working with the @UN to make @SDGoals a reality. @BCCM_AU #CoopsDay

Also find the ICA #coopsday logo attached which you can display on your comms channels.

Find more preformatted messages via the International Co-operative Alliance in the Cooperators’ guide for #coopsday.

2. Pledge on to

Co-ops for 2030 is a global campaign for co-operatives to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals, commit to pledges to contribute to achieving the SDGs, and report their progress. Globally, co-ops have been recognised by the UN as a unique business model with characteristics that make it suitable to supporting the SDGs.

Interested? What you need to do next:

  1. Make an SDG pledge on the Co-ops for 2030 website:
  2. Let the BCCM know when you have made the pledge so that we can share progress with the rest of the world and Australian policy makers. Email
  3. Announce the pledge on International Day of Co-operatives using the suggested messaging to help spread awareness about the work we do for people and planet.

Suggested messaging:

  • We commit to [your commitment on]. Co-ops/mutuals are making the @UN @SDGoals a reality this #coopsDay @BCCM_AU

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