Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals releases Pre-Budget Submission

11 May 2021

The Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals today released the details of their Pre-Budget Submission advocating for consideration of co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs) in the federal budget.

CEO of BCCM, Melina Morrison said the sector has been encouraged by action taken in recent years to alleviate impediments to capital raising for co-ops and mutuals and to level the playing field.

“There has been recognition of the contribution our sector has made to the stability of Australian prosperity over many years and through a number of global and domestic crises,” said Morrison.

“What we are looking for now is to ensure at this critical juncture in our economic and social history, as we emerge from the pandemic, that member-owned businesses are enabled to do what they do best – innovate and industrialise.

“Our sector seeks to benefit the whole community and the diversity of Australians they represent. Our pre-budget submission focuses on opportunities to accelerate industry-led activity and establish a National Centre for Co-operative Business Growth which would have a dual focus:

  1. To support the development of more and larger co-operative and mutual businesses
  2. To co-ordinate a Co-operative and Mutual Deregulation Taskforce

“BCCM has the knowledge and expertise to support these endeavours, which we believe would contribute significant value to ongoing efforts to promote a sustainable and innovative Australian-owned advanced manufacturing industry; all we need now is the opportunity,” Morrison said.

Read BCCM’s pre-budget submission in full.

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