Co-operative Housing: Innovative housing solution opens in Sydney’s Inner West

11 March 2021

Innovative Housing Solution in the Inner West: Co-operative Housing on the up and up!

Common Equity NSW has announced the opening of its latest Co-operative Housing development by Minister Gareth Ward, MP.

This showcase development of six units was jointly funded by the Department of Communities and Justice and Common Equity NSW and brings together a range of contemporary best practice ideas, including deliberative design and adaptive re-use and provides affordable housing to people in the Croydon area.

Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services Gareth Ward said the development adds to the growing supply of social and affordable housing across NSW.

“A strong pipeline of new homes is helping reduce housing stress and is providing secure housing for people who need it most,” Mr Ward said.

“This project is an excellent example of the work the NSW Government is doing in collaboration with community housing providers, which is not only creating great social outcomes but also significant economic benefits in the form of local jobs.”

The result is an innovative, 6-unit dwelling which is responsive to the Co-operative’s co-living needs; provides a contemporary housing solution while maintaining the building’s original heritage character; supports a gentle increase in density and supports diversity and aging in place through the inclusion of two fully accessible units for people with disabilities.

Co-operative Housing has a huge range of benefits for residents, the broader community and government due to their focus on community involvement, quality housing, social networks, sense of belonging and improved employment and educational outcomes.

As Dunroamin Co-operative member Paul Wilson Brown stated “This is the sector’s oldest money being used for its newest project. It is a legacy project. It belongs to all of us and Dunroamin members are proud to be its custodians. It’s clever but importantly, it is a repeatable template for the sectors growth”.

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