Governance Training for Co-op and Mutual Directors, Perth

23 January 2014

Co-operatives WA will hold a workshop for co-operative and mutual Directors on Board Governance on February 17 – 18 in Perth. LEADingBoard

The LEADing Board is a governance training workshop for co-operative and mutual directors, and members who are considering standing for election to the board of their co-op or mutual. Developed at the University of Wisconsin, this two day programme gives participants the tools they need to work within their co-operative as an effective leader.

Presenter Peter Harris is a New Zealand economist who specialises in public policy, the labour market and primary industry issues. Over the last three decades, he has held a number of governance positions, including serving as a director of PSIS (now The Co-operative Bank). He has been a member of the Agriculture Strategy Council, on the board of the New Zealand Universities Academic Audit Unit, a member of the Electricity Commission, and an Associate Member of the Commerce Commission. Peter is currently a trustee of Firesuper, the firefighters’ pension scheme.

The letters LEAD refers to the four primary tasks of the board of any member-owned business:

  • L = Linking to members
  • E = Enacting policies
  • A = Assurance performance
  • D = Dreaming the future.

Key to running a successful co-operative or mutual is the education of members, directors and managers around the differences between member-owned business and investor-owned business. As Sydney co-operative lawyer, Jenni Mattila, puts it: ‘A well-trained member director with conceptual understandings of co-ops can be better than an untrained appointed director with professional qualifications trying to shoehorn the co-op into a company structure.’

For more information on the Perth workshop phone Co-operatives WA Secretary Peter Wells on (08) 9368 5155 or email [email protected] To discuss how The LEADing Board might be useful for your board, or in your area, get in touch with Ramsey Margolis by email at [email protected]

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