Mutuo, together with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies is proud to announce the launch of a new campaign resource for ‘The People’s Business’.

  • The People’s Business seeks to put co-operatives and mutuals at the heart of a progressive policy agenda for enterprise in Europe
  • The online tool provides progressive activists with key resources to campaign for the People’s Business, inluding presentations, speeches, and draft resolutions
  • The resource has been produced in partnership with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies

Business is the force that drives economies throughout the world, but we know there has never been a greater disconnect between individual businesses and their customers and employees.

Because cooperatives and mutuals exist to serve their members, who can be employees, consumers, or even part of the local community, they provide greater choice and competition in economies, and operate different business strategies from their shareholder owned competitors.

Ernst Stetter Secretary General of FEPS said:

“FEPS is delighted to be launching this initiative together with Mutuo. The People’s Business: website and resource centre. An existing model for business that already works for the people but that can be enhanced to have a much wider reach. This platform aims to help achieve that.”

Gareth Thomas MP Chair of the UK Co-operative Party, also welcomed the website’s launch:

“Across Europe people feel increasingly distant from the businesses and governments which serve them. We need business, but it needs to be business which acts in the interests of people. This is why I’ve always been a strong supporter of the co-operative movement – it is about bringing people in to the heart of the decision making process. This is a fantastic new resource which will help advance the co-operative idea.”

The new website gives users the opportunity to learn about ‘The People’s Business’. It also provides activists throughout Europe with the campaigning tools they need to put cooperatives and mutuals at the heart of a new progressive vision for business, through guides, speeches, and presentations.

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