Pro Bono Australia

BCCM CEO Melina Morrison writes that the federal government must act to unlock the power of social care co-ops and empower caring millennial entrepreneurs.

Overseas experience has shown that the member-owned co-operative model is the most efficient, fair and ethical way to deliver human services like social housing, as well as disability, health and aged care.

Crucially, co-operative and member-owned enterprises also satisfy the desire of our caring millennial entrepreneurs to “give back” to the community because rather than a focus on making a profit, they permit members to focus on ethically delivering services to society’s most disadvantaged.

Last week there was good news for the co-operative community in Australia when the Productivity Commission’s report on human services made two crucial recommendations…

Read the full article, Some tender mercies, but feds fall short of full support for co-ops, Pro Bono Australia, 4 April 2018.

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