Today, Mr Tony Stuart, CEO of the National Roads & Motorists’ Association Group (NRMA), has announced he is to step down from the position. Mr Stuart has been CEO of the group since 2003.

Commenting on Mr Stuart’s decision, Melina Morrison, BCCM CEO, stated “Two years ago, Tony Stuart play a key role in the formation of the Council and has since contributed immensely to the Council’s work as a member of our Board and more widely in his public advocacy of the benefits of mutuals.”

Dr Andrew Crane, CBH Group CEO and Chair of the BCCM Board, said “In his work as CEO of NRMA, Tony has brought the Group from a position of uncertainty and falling membership to its current position of a leading Australian brand with increasing profits and an ever-growing membership base”.

Mr Stuart will officially end his employment with the group on 30 September 2015.

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