Towards a Co-operative State: Dr Guy Turnbull

30 June 2020

Towards a Co-operative State: Securing the Social and Economic Prosperity of South Australia through corporate diversity is a paper by Dr Guy Turnbull for the Don Dunstan Foundation. 

Dr Guy Turnbull is a leading UK social care expert, involved in the co-operative and social enterprise sector since 1988. He is a social entrepreneur and the former Managing Director of Care & Share Associates (CASA), an employee-owned social enterprise providing high-quality domiciliary and complex health and social care to the elderly, disabled and vulnerable that he helped to found in 2004. He previously worked across the UK as a social economy consultant, specialising in business planning, social franchising and replication, programme leadership, training, research and strategic planning. He is the co-creator of RED (Rapid Enterprise Development) Workshops, an innovative approach to social enterprise development for people with a disability


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