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The National Mutual Economy (NME) Report is an annual report on the scale and performance of the Australian co‑operative and mutual sector. The report aims to map the size, composition and overall health of the co‑operative and mutual sector using the Australian Co‑operative and Mutual Enterprise Index (AC MEI), which started in 2012 with the first national data collection process in 2014.

The AC MEI is a long term research project undertaken by the University of Western Australia to map the size and structure of the co‑operative and mutual enterprise (CME) sector in Australia. Its purpose is to provide a better understanding of these businesses and their contribution to the national economy.

Despite representing some of the largest businesses in their sectors and being found across a wide range of industries, the overall size, structure and contribution of the CME sector in Australia is relatively poorly understood. This is due to a paucity of reliable data, difficulties in definition and vagueness over which firms should be identified as CMEs.

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