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In the spirit of the mighty Bunya pine, The Bunya Fund stands as a testament to growth, resilience and interconnectedness. Much like the pine’s organic, generative and expansive protective canopy, the Fund nurtures the seeds of co-operative and mutual initiatives across Australia. It weaves protective networks, akin to the roots of the Bunya, fortifying the resilience of communities. This Fund is not merely a source of support but also a symbol of co-operative strength and mutual flourishing, echoing the enduring and widespread embrace of the Bunya pine to foster economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being.

The Bunya Fund is Australia’s first co-operative and mutual enterprise sector fund that supports the next generation of co-operative and mutual social enterprises.

Established as a co-operative development fund set up by the BCCM in collaboration with our members, The Bunya Fund helps newer and emerging co-operatives and mutuals to grow and prosper to increase their positive impact on their members, their community, the environment and society.

Aligned with the BCCM’s mission to support growing the co-operative and mutual economy in Australia, The Bunya Fund empowers the next generation of social businesses to choose the co-operative or mutual model of enterprise if it is the right model for them.

The Bunya Fund:

  • provides capacity building, education and advisory services, valued at between $5,000 and $25,000
  • supports co-operatives and mutuals in addressing diverse challenges across economic, social, cultural and environmental realms in Australian communities
  • provides grants for crucial professional services, such as legal advice and accounting, often inaccessible to co-op and mutual startups, and for essential equipment purchases, such as safety gear or software, to ensure startups have the necessary resources to commence operations

The first funding round recipients were announced in November 2022, followed by the second round in April 2023. Round 3 applications closed on Friday, 12 April 2024.

To date, 16 projects have received packages of support ranging from $2,500 to $24,000 each.

The Bunya Fund’s objectives

  • Address the funding and advice gap for early-stage co-operative and mutual enterprises or initiatives.
  • Support the growth of co-ops and mutuals in the Australian economy.
  • Build momentum for more economic “co-operation among co-operatives”.

How will The Bunya Fund achieve its objectives?

  • The Fund will provide advice, education and capacity building.
  • Applications are assessed on strict guidelines to ensure the organisation is genuinely member-owned, financially viable and will deliver social impact.
  • The impact of funding will be multiplied through BCCM and funder expertise and in-kind support.
  • Impact evaluation of funding rounds to improve the Fund over time.

What funders receive

  • An opportunity to multiply your impact in the community through funding, mentorship and long-term partnerships
  • A say in what areas of impact the fund will deliver
  • Measurement framework to track the short and long-term impact created

Are you interested in being a funder of The Bunya Fund?

Contact the BCCM to arrange a meeting with The Bunya Fund Manager and learn more about becoming a funder of The Bunya Fund.

Why Bunya?

The bunya tree is sacred to Indigenous Australians for a long time. They are an important source of food, timber and fibre to their livelihood and the community.

Bunya’s proposition

Like the significance the bunya has to Indigenous Australians, the fund aims to be the source of enrichment to co-operatives, enabling prosperity and equity.

Round two Funders and investment

$137,500 was invested in round two by:

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