Mutual Mindset: An Introduction to Co-operatives and Mutuals

27 February 2024 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Mutual mindset: An introduction to co-operatives and mutuals course

Mutual Mindset: An Introduction to Co-operatives and Mutuals

Do you have new employees unfamiliar with co-operative and mutual structures and their purpose? Or do you have directors and executives looking to deepen their knowledge of the sector? This is a 2-hour online program designed to provide a general introduction to the co-ops and mutual industry in Australia and globally.

This course is suitable for anyone new to co-operatives and mutuals and those looking for a refresher and information on the live sector. It can be tailored to your existing induction training program, or your employees can take one of our online classes throughout the year.

It is facilitated by well-known co-operative development expert Antony McMullen and includes live interaction and two guest speakers.

About this course

The key objective is to educate and inspire people working in the sector to understand more about the unique role and contribution of co-operatives and mutuals to help them in their role in their co-operative or mutual, whether frontline staff, management or directors. It will help build a meaningful connection between the employee and the wider co-operative and mutual sector, as well as strengthen the relationship with their individual employer.

This is achieved through a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles which underpin co-operatives and mutuals as businesses that put purpose, people, and communities at the heart of the enterprise.

It is delivered in a live, interactive webinar structure with a unique live Q&A with two sector leaders. Knowledge is delivered in a fun and accessible format.

By undertaking the course, your employees will learn:

  1. About the co-operative and mutual business model and how it is different to other kinds of business structures.
  2. About the purpose of co-ops and mutuals and how they are structured to benefit members.
  3. Some real examples of co-ops and mutuals through case studies.
  4. How co-ops and mutuals are started here and around the world.
  5. Why working for a co-op or mutual matters – in live conversations with two senior co-op or mutual business leaders.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the course, attendees will be able to demonstrate their understanding of:

  • The size, scale and impact of the co-op and mutual sector in Australia.
  • The unique nature and fundamental concepts of co-operative and mutual businesses.
  • Similarities and differences from other business models, including shareholder-owned businesses.
  • The origins and development of co-operatives and mutuals in Australia and overseas (including mutual ADIs, Friendly Societies and agricultural and retail co-ops).
  • The seven global co-operative principles and the three mutual values.
  • Why co-operatives and mutuals matter to a sustainable economy and society.

Length: 2 hours

Delivery mode: Online

Professional development: 2 CPD points are awarded


  • BCCM Member (1–9 registrations) – $253 plus GST and booking fee
  • BCCM Member (10+ registrations) – $197 plus GST and booking fee
  • Non-BCCM Members – $454 plus GST and booking fee

Guest speakers

Adam Vise

Adam Vise, Group Treasurer, Strategy and Social Value, Australian Unity and Chair, Birchal Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Adam is responsible for investing, financing (treasury), strategy and impact at Australian Unity.

Australian Unity’s goal is to deliver scalable impact and commercial returns by systematically and methodically measuring wellbeing outcomes (i.e., they systematically measure the S in ESG). Australian Unity provides health, care and wealth services to its members while ensuring strategic clarity and financial resources to help one of Australia’s oldest and most successful companies achieve real wellbeing for its members and the broader Australian community.

Adam is also a Director and Chair of Birchal, Australia’s most successful provider of equity crowd-sourced funding to the country’s best and brightest entrepreneurs.


Tarnya Fraser, Deputy Chair, Quairading Farmers Co-Op

Tarnya Fraser, Deputy Chair, Quairading Farmers Co-Op

Back by popular demand. Tarnya Fraser is the current Deputy Chair and manager of special projects for the Quairading Farmers Co-operative. She previously worked in banking and finance. Tarnya has a Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Business Administration, all from the University of WA. Tarnya has a passion for keeping rural communities thriving and sees co-ops as integral to this. She is also a Grower Advisory Council member for CBH – in this role, she represents fellow grain growers. “As we all know, some things are too important to run simply for profit – rural communities and grain logistics are certainly two of them.”

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27 February 2024
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




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