2022 CEO Dinner and Summit wrap-up

Vision for growth: Bigger markets, better CMEs


The Director’s Dinner, hosted at the 5-star Sir Stamford Hotel, allowed our member CEOs the opportunity to share a meal and glass of wine with the BCCM directors before the start of the CEO Summit the next morning.

BCCM Chair Terry Agnew welcomed member CEOs.

Terry Agnew BCCM CEO Summit 2022 photo by Chris Gleisner

Opening remarks

Melina Morrison welcomed CEOs to the Breakfast and Summit

Melina opening the BCCM CEO Summit 2022 by Chris Gleisner

Launch of the National Mutual Economy Report

Sheena Jack, CEO, HCF and BCCM Director, launched the 2022 National Mutual Economy Report and presented key findings from the report.

Sheena Jack launching NME report at the BCCM CEO Summit 2022 photo by Chris Gleisner


Watch highlights from the report

International perspectives

ABC Journalist Peter Ryan interviewed Monique Leroux, Former President and CEO, Desjardins Co-operative Banking Group on her vision for growth for co-ops and mutuals from an international perspective.

International perspectives

ABC Journalist Elysse Morgan interviewed Enrique de los Rios, Director General CEO, Unica Fresh on the practicalities of a successful federated co-operative drawing on the experience of the Spanish agricultural co-operative sector.

National perspectives

ABC Journalist Elysse Morgan spoke with two chief executives with recent merger experience.

Heritage Bank is in the process of merging with People’s Choice Credit Union. Heritage Bank CEO Peter Lock spoke on why is it better to merge than to go it alone despite both Heritage and People’s Choice being successful independent mutuals, how the bank’s members will benefit from the merger, if there was any regulatory pressure for mutual banks to consolidate, and advice he would give to any other mutuals considering a merger.

rt health has recently merged with HCF, the largest mutual private health insurer. rt health’s Chief Executive Simone Tregeagle described the options that the Board of RT health had before them pre-merger and answered why rt health chose to merge with HCF, was demutualisation a real alternative, and how rt health ensured that its members’ interests are protected in the larger HCF business?


Melina gave an update on BCCM activities over the past year and promoted two customised courses – Innovation in CMEs and Sustainability in CMEs.

The Mutual Value Mark is available now for members to be accredited for their work implementing Mutual Value Measurement©.

Melina Morrison update BCCM CEO Summit 2022 photo by Chris Gleisner

The opportunity for federated CMEs in Australia

Mutuo’s Peter Hunt launched the Bigger and better co-ops and mutuals: The opportunity for Federated CMEs in Australia discussion paper.

The paper, prepared by Mutuo, asks how do we maintain our core business purpose, continue to serve our members, and yet compete with often much larger businesses with greater access to capital and scale?

Peter Hunt BCCM CEO Summit 2022 photo by Chris Gleisner


CEO Roundtables

Terry Agnew, BCCM Chair, led the CEO Roundtables, where three questions were asked:

Is bigger necessarily better, or is it just necessary?

Do we think that consolidation is inevitable?

How can history, mission and commitment be preserved through consolidation?

Terry Agnew discussion paper BCCM CEO Summit 2022 photo by Chris Gleisner

Co-operative Development Fund launch

Melina, with Australian Unity’s Christine Yates, Bank Australia’s Damien Walsh, and CBH Group’s Ben Macnamara, launched the BCCM’s new Co-operative Development Fund – The Bunya Fund:

The Bunya Fund


The Bunya Fund is the first co-op movement fund in Australia to support co-operative development. The Bunya Fund will provide financial, educational and mentor support to co-operatives, address the funding and advice gap for start-up and early-stage co-ops and mutuals, support growth of co-ops in the Australian economy and build momentum for more economic co-operation among co-operatives.

Grow your profitable purpose with The Bunya Fund

Thank you for your feedback

100 per cent of delegates who completed the CEO Summit survey said the Summit, its program and speakers met or exceeded their expectations.

What the delegates thought …

“Invaluable opportunity to get in the room with like-minded CEOs to discuss CME specific.”

“Because I have attended several BCCM events my expectations were high but this event
met my high expectations. Thanks to the BCCM team. ‘How to grow’ was a good subject and
the idea of federation was/is thought-provoking.”

“Given this was the first BCCM event that I have attended I wasn’t sure what to expect
however, the presentations and format of the event certainly surpassed my expectations”

“Thank you for introducing a forum for CEOs, it will provide BCCM member CEOs
with a valuable opportunity to network and exchange ideas on key issues”