Our work

Co-operative leaders join with Dr John Hewson and Senators Chris Ketter, Bridget McKenzie, Nick Xenophon to celebrate the day of the Federal Senate inquiry report hand-down.

Who do we represent?

As the only organisation uniting the entire, diverse range of member and customer owned businesses, the BCCM represents a range of industries in the economy including:

  • Agriculture, banking and finance, education, health, housing, insurance, motoring services, retail, superannuation, wholesale and purchasing

Our members include some of Australia’s most trusted and well-known organisations. To view a list of our members, please visit our members section.

Our objectives

The BCCM is committed to:

  • Promoting the role of co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs) in the national economy
  • Increasing the number of CMEs in the economy
  • Providing leadership in research, education and advocacy aimed at promoting the sector
  • Encouraging CMEs across all sectors to share best practice to foster partnerships aimed at strengthening the commercial ties in the sector

Our achievements to date

Federal Senate inquiry
Through the efforts of the BCCM, the Federal Senate voted in March 2015, to hold an inquiry into the operation of co-operatives and mutuals in the Australian economy. The Economics References Committee handed down their report on 17 March 2016 providing 17 wide ranging recommendations highlighting the various barriers to innovation, growth and free competition faced by the sector. The report received strong industry endorsement as a roadmap to begin to level the playing field for the sector.

Published numerous studies and reports
As part of our commitment to educate policymakers and the public, the BCCM publishes an annual report on the scale and performance of the Australian co-operative and mutual sector. The National Mutual Economy Report also lists the Top 100 co-operative and mutual enterprises (by turnover) for the year. View all BCCM publications here.

Government submissions
As part of our on-going advocacy work, the BCCM has made numerous policy submissions to federal, state and local governments including in the areas of competition policy, agricultural development, healthcare and affordable housing, among others.

Held national and regional events
The BCCM holds an annual Leaders’ Summit and Taste of Australia Industry Dinner which brings together leaders from the CME and extended business world addressing key issues and opportunities facing the sector and economy as a whole. We hold other events during the calendar year including business development networking workshops, round table discussions, webinars and CEO dialogues.

Improved provision of education training to the sector
Through the advocacy of the BCCM together with our members and the academic community, the country’s first dedicated graduate level CME courses have come online with The University of Sydney, University of Western Australia and Australian Institute of Management WA. In partnership with the AICD, the BCCM also holds a CME 100 Chairs Forum bi-annually, bringing chairs of co-operative and mutual enterprises to discuss issues facing the sector and the economy more broadly.