Since the last General Election, Co-operatives and Mutuals have enjoyed new and welcome bi-partisan political support at a federal level.


The sector has benefitted from the first new legislation in two decades, which has started to level the playing field for co-operatives and mutuals, support competition and choice, and strengthen socially owned business.


But there is much more to do to ensure that these important businesses can play a full role in our economy and society and help to build a fairer Australia.     


By its policy, legislative and regulatory actions, the Federal Government can enable these businesses to fulfil their potential and thereby deliver a wide range of public policy objectives, such as:

  • Strengthen a home grown, Australian owned business sector
  • Spread wealth more broadly and fairly throughout the country
  • Provide competition and choice for consumers in a range of markets especially those for essential goods and services
  • Create diversity in business, which will act as a counterbalance to mitigate systemic risk to the economy
  • Establish business strategies for a healthy, balanced economy with businesses that take a longer-term view
  • Provide more than just an economic benefit to local communities by aiding social bonding and stakeholder empowerment
  • Rebuild and maintain public trust in business

Make the Mutuals’ Promise

The BCCM’s Blueprint for an Enterprising Nation sets out the specific policy steps that we have identified are needed to facilitate these objectives.


In this election, we call upon each of the political parties to adopt our three-point plan for action:

  • Recognise and support the value of diverse forms of enterprise in the Australian economy
  • Ensure that policy, legislation and regulation works to provide a fair business environment for co-operatives and mutuals
  • Work with BCCM and its members to implement the objectives of our Blueprint for an Enterprising Nation

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