BCCM announces 2020 Honour Roll Inductees

17 March 2021

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) congratulated the 2020 inductees to the BCCM Honour Roll at today’s Leaders’ Summit – The Sustainability Edition, held in Sydney.

BCCM CEO, Melina Morrison said that the awards recognise leadership and commitment to the co-operative and mutual (CME) sector at time when the principles on which their businesses were founded have come to the fore.

“Co-operatives and mutuals have demonstrated their commitment to caring for their employees, members and communities throughout the crisis. This culture is testament to the leaders of the sector in whose footsteps we now tread,” Morrison said.

“CMEs are survivors. Businesses using this model have been proven to last 25% longer than their counterparts but it is the people who lead these organisations, their dedication to the ethos of democratically run business with shared value for all members, their vision and resilience that makes them stand apart in times of crisis.

“I congratulate the 2020 inductees to the BCCM Honour Roll and thank them for their service to the industry and their commitment to their members and the communities they serve.”

Watch the 2020 Honor Roll Presentation Video

Honour Award Recipients:

Trent Bartlett FAICD
CBH Group
Independent Board Director 2012 – 2021

Dr Rod Moore
MDA National
President/Chairman, 2014 – 2020

Robin Judd (1955 – 2020)
Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative
General Manager of Finance and Co-operative Secretary 1994 – 2020

Vivienne Quinn
Heritage Bank Limited
Director, 1995 – 2020

Bruno Cullen AM
Queensland Country Bank
Chair 2006 – 2020

William Wolke
Bank First
CEO 2002 – 2020

Raymond Grigg
Royal Automobile Association of SA Inc
President/Chairman 2005 – 2020

About the BCCM Honour Roll

The BCCM is the representative body for Australian co-ops and mutuals, working with governments, regulators and policy makers to ensure the Australian economic landscape is able to fully benefit from a competitive co-op and mutuals sector.

The BCCM champions service to the co-operative and mutual sector by honouring leadership and commitment to the industry. Each year outstanding leaders are inducted to the BCCM Honour Roll at the annual BCCM Leader’s Summit and presented with a handcrafted BCCM pin.

Qualities of a BCCM Honour Roll Recipient include:

  • Conviction – A fixed or strong belief in co-operative and mutual principles
  • Dedication – Personal commitment and devotion to promoting successful co-operative and mutual enterprises
  • Innovation – the ability to open a new line of thinking, or doing business in new ways
  • Loyalty – the feeling of allegiance to the mission and values of the CME sector
  • Selfless – acting with less concern for the self than for a co-operative or mutual, or the CME sector as a whole
  • Vision – The ability to see and articulate the optimal future of a co-operative or mutual business or the CME sector as a whole

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