Non-distributing Co-operative without Shares

This Constitution Builder will help you draft the constitution for this type of co-operative.

Non-distributing co-operatives without shares are not-for-profit. They cannot distribute profit or surpluses to members. This co-op type does not have any share capital. They rely mainly on annual subscriptions from members to cover the start-up and ongoing costs of the co-operative’s business activities.

If you are not sure whether your co-op needs to have share capital, download and review How to choose your co-op type or go back and choose another type of co-op.

If you are part-way through an incomplete document, clicking ‘Get Started’ takes you back to where you left off.

The drafting tool creates a MS Word format document. This format allows you to make changes and add attachments during drafting, or if required by the Registrar.

Please note: The Co-op Builder tool will not accommodate formatting for paragraphs, lists and tables. Information inserted in text boxes will lose any format. When you download your document and check it for accuracy you will need to adjust any required formatting. If you intend to insert a table then you can insert after downloading.


Constitution Builder

This Constitution Builder guides you to customise a constitution (the internal governance rules) for a non-distributing co-operative without share capital.