‘Leaders need to frame their thinking around balancing three things: people, privacy and profit’

The Co-op Group’s technology engagement lead, Emer Coleman, is delivering a keynote speech on the role of digital co-ops in the development of technology at this week’s Leaders’ Summit in Adelaide, held by the Australian Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) – the country’s representative body for co-ops.

Ms Coleman is working with the Co-op Group to help build The Federation, an open community of digital businesses and innovators, built on co-operative values. She said: “In my experience, senior leaders can be a bit put off by very high level discussions about technology – as with AI, Blockchain, etc. And they are so shiny, people get blinded by their promise, while the actual work of real and meaningful digital transformation is all about culture change – and that’s a people thing – not a technology thing.

Read the full article, Co-op Group’s digital lead delivers keynote speech on ethical digital transformationCoop News, 15 November 2018 

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