Co-operatives featured on Small Business Banter podcast

07 October 2022

Small Business Banter aims to educate and support regional and rural small business owners. Each week Michael Kerr interviews a fellow owner, or other small business adviser or expert. They share their stories, their best tips and their most practical advice.

The BCCM recently sponsored a four-episode Co-operative and Mutuals series on the Small Business Banter podcast:

Kate Biondo CEO of worker-owner Galactic Co-operative on starting and running their technology business

In episode one, Kate Biondo, CEO of Galactic Cooperative. shares her insights on why the co-op model was central in getting started, and the different day-to-day opportunities, rewards, and challenges the model throws up for the owners of this business.

Darrin Johnson CEO on how Kudos Services started as a spunoff State Government department and developed into a thriving employee owned and managed mutual

In episode two, Darrin Johnson CEO of Kudos Services, talks about the central role of committed staff in spinning out a State Government department to create Kudos Services and ensure the ongoing delivery of critical community care services.

Moira Were AM Founder Hen House Coop on the incubation of Flock Coop an artist and creator platform built to disrupt the patriarchy

Flock Coop is a disruptive online platform built to equitably bridge the digital divide for women and non-binary folks. In episode three, Moira Were AM talks about the reasons for and the process by which Flock was so quickly and successfully incubated for its artist and creator community.

How the Marino Rocks Community Coop formed and then rallied to buy their fav local cafe (aka meeting place) before it became another property development

The Marino Rocks Community Coop came about rapidly thanks to the power of a motivated and organised local community, driven by a stark choice. Listen to three of the founders talk about how they ended up financing the purchase, and ultimately taking over the day-to-day running of their fav local cafe (aka meeting place) before the building was sold and developed into apartments.


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