Via ABC Radio Country Hour, 23 April 2020

It sounds simple but could working together be the thing to get small businesses and primary producers through this pandemic.

Co-operatives are 100 per cent community-owned businesses. They help people work together, they take risks together and they face challenges together.

Now the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutual has launched a Co-operative Farming Hotline to help Australian farmers develop farm co-operatives.

Currently in Australia there’s more than 200 agricultural co-ops owned by around 20,000 farmers, fishers and foresters.

South Australia has a rich history of co-operatives, in fact it has some of the oldest in the country.

For more on how co-ops could help through this crisis Isabella Pittaway spoke to Melina Morrison, CEO of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutual and Jamie Higgins from Master Butchers Co-operative in South Australia.


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