Study tour of European housing co-operative sectors

8 April 2024 - 19 April 2024

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  • Visit Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich and Vienna
  • Explore the world’s largest co-op housing markets for answers to the Australian housing crisis
  • A maximum of 15 places for an intimate learning experience
  • Suitable for key decision makers with an interest in addressing the current housing crisis, including: elected representatives and senior policymakers at all levels of government; philanthropic and community foundation representatives; superannuation executives; co-operative housing bodies; mutual housing lenders; and other co-ops and mutuals
  • Learn from co-op housing experts – Dr Sidsel Grimstad and Linda Seaborn
  • Presented in collaboration between the BCCM and Griffith Centre for Systems Innovation, Griffith University

Join the BCCM’s European co-operative housing study tour in April 2024. Visit Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich and Vienna and learn about the housing co-operative model and its benefits. The tour will cover both rental and equity co-operative housing models.

There is a significant housing problem in Australia. By offering empowering, affordable, secure, sustainable and community-oriented housing solutions, the co-operative housing model provides a vital contribution to help tackle this crisis. The rental housing co-operative model is currently well recognised in Australia, although its advantages are not fully understood. The equity model of housing co-operatives, in which residents contribute to the cost of housing, is less well known but offers a crucial “missing middle” to the available housing options.


Participants will make their way to Copenhagen.

The tour will visit Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich and Vienna.

Cost and inclusions

The 2023 indicative cost is AUD$19,840.00 per person (excluding flights to and from Europe).

Price includes accommodation and transport for the whole of the tour (excluding flights to and from Europe) and some meals. There is an option to have the BCCM travel agent organise flights to and from Europe.

Generous discounts have been negotiated. 

Prices may come down if there are more than 11 participants.


This is a boutique tour with limited places, which will enable close access and practical experiences with co-operatives and their leaders. The BCCM has a strong track record of informative, purposeful and enjoyable study tours, including a tour of UK mutuals and a US east coast study tour of social care co-ops and mutuals, both in 2018.

Participants will:

  • Visit housing co-operatives and meet with experts and organisations in the field
  • Learn how the model and the systems that support it were developed in each country you visit
  • Learn how each housing co-op you visit was developed and how it benefits the population
  • Discover how we can support the growth of housing co-operatives in Australia

The tour will be guided by:

  • Dr Sidsel Grimstad – an academic at the Griffith Centre for Systems Innovation with expertise on housing co-operatives and who has been a housing co-operative resident in Norway
  • Linda Seaborn – BCCM Senior Policy Adviser for housing co-operatives, Australian representative to Co-operative Housing International and housing co-op resident
  • Bev Wood – BCCM Events Convenor and experienced tour organiser

D​​ownload the proposed itinerary and inclusions.

Please note the itinerary is subject to change due to flights and transfer availability.

Expressions of interest

Please express your interest in attending this study tour by completing our online EOI form.

Please note we need at least ten participants to proceed. 

Invoices for a deposit of 40 per cent will be sent once we have reached the minimum number of participants and payment will be due by Tuesday, 31 October 2023.


The planned itinerary is below. Although these cities have been decided on, the final details of people and sites visited will suit the specific interests of study tour participants (for example, we may include more finance organisations, if appropriate).

Copenhagen, Denmark (2 days)

In Copenhagen, we will primarily examine the rental housing co-op sector (Almere boliger) which offers affordable housing to 22 per cent of Danish households. It forms part of social housing and their model of tenant involvement in decisions is unique in Europe.

Oslo, Norway (2 days plus weekend)

In Oslo, we will meet with the National Federation of Housing Co-operatives and the Oslo Co-operative Housing Society, attend a presentation on the history of housing co-operatives by academic Jardar Sorvoli and visit a range of urban and rural housing co-operatives.

Zurich, Switzerland (2 days)

Zurich has strong government support for housing co-op development. We will meet with the Federation for Zurich Co-operative Housing and visit individual housing co-operatives such as Kalkbreite, Kraftwerk, Heizenholz and Mehr Als Wohnen.

Vienna, Austria (2 days) 

Vienna has built up an affordable housing sector over a long period, including co-operatives, and has strong government support. We will visit the Austrian Federation of Housing Associations, individual housing co-ops and meet with the City of Vienna.

D​​ownload the proposed itinerary and inclusions.


8 April 2024
19 April 2024