Gas price cap a just-in-time measure

12 December 2022

Melina Morrison speaks on NSW Country Hour, welcoming the gas price cap as a just-in-time measure to ensure Australia does not lose more Australian manufacturing.

BCCM members have been hard-hit with energy price hikes. Even with the price cap, co-op members will still be paying double what they paid for the last four years.

“It’s just a truth that if you want to have advanced manufacturing, particularly in food and beverage, which is just so important to farm incomes you know that value adding that family farmers, in particular, rely on. You need reliable energy. You need reliable energy prices. You need reliable workforce. And you need a regulatory environment that promotes corporate business diversity, including cooperatives. We need all of these factors to be working together so that we can get back to the great history of food manufacturing that we did so well in decades gone by.”

Listen to Melina Morrison on NSW Country Hour (1:03 to 7:20), 12 December 2022.

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