How to reinvigorate regional Australia

02 May 2022

Will the election reap rewards for regional industries

Prime Minister Scott Morrison mentioned companies in regional and rural regions carrying the country on the campaign trail. So the question is, is there enough money going into sectors outside of our major cities?

The BCCM’s CEO Melina Morrison joined ausbiz to share her perspective. She says that Australia must become a manufacturing superpower, a sentiment shared by both political parties on the campaign trail, who want to see greater supply chain sovereignty. The Morrison Government accepted the BCCM’s latest application on aged care, veteran, and disability services, and it got $6.9 million in national funding in last month’s Federal Budget. The Council’s plan for “Thriving Regions” has underlined the importance of Australia’s mid-sized company sector, particularly in value-added manufacturing and outside of the main cities. Melina believes that regional Australia has all of the components for a thriving food and beverage production industry but must first overcome a systematic disadvantage that leaves medium to big firms in the dark.

Watch How to reinvigorate regional Australia, ausbiz, 27 April 2022 (subscription needed)

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