This week the Newcastle Jets lost their A-League licence following a tumultuous period of ownership which has seen them now face voluntary administration, $2.7 million in debts and a very uncertain future. Writing in the Newcastle Herald, Dave Boyle, calls for a different approach in club ownership in Australia – fan ownership.

Across the world, and particularly in Europe, fans have decided to take greater control and therefore have a greater say in how they are run. Community ownership gives sport owners who are stewards for their clubs. They want to achieve a balance between being as successful as they can be while being as sustainable as you have to be so the next generation can enjoy them too, as the piece says.

Pointing to examples in the UK including Swansea City and Portsmouth, Dave Boyle highlights how clubs, like the Jets, can benefit from a co-operative style of business model. This piece was commissioned by the BCCM.

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