NENA Cooperatives Week 2022

17 October 2022

Directly following the 2022 Social Enterprise World Forum, the New Economy Network Australia held a series of events for ‘NENA Cooperatives Week 2022’.

It kicked off with “Democratic enterprise in the social economy: co-operatives and unions today” in Brisbane at the Union Co-operative Society. Antony presented and Rose Brown, UCS Board member and Tenants Union worker, presented on co-operatives.

The first of two online webinars addressed “Care Together: how co-operatives and mutuals can help solve problems in social care”, with systems innovator Pete Cohen and the BCCM’s Gillian McFee presenting.

CoPower Board members Godfrey Moase, United Workers Union and Colin Long, Just transitions, climate and cooperatives organiser at Victorian Trades Hall Council, led an important discussion during the week’s second webinar, “Responding to the climate and energy crisis with cooperation”.

A side event to the week was held by the Fabian Society and 888 Co-operative Causeway on “The role of cooperatives in building strong economically resilient communities” featuring former MP Adam Kempton, researcher and activist Dr Tony Webb, policy expert Linda Seaborn from the BCCM as well as Sarah Howe, National President of the Fabians.

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