Norco co-op dairy farmers best paid in country

04 June 2014

Northern New South Wales dairy co-operative, Norco will now pay its suppliers more. NORCO2

The three cents a litre increase from July coincides with the start of Norco’s new contract with Coles.

The announcement follows a new export deal to China, reported last month at ABC Rural: Fast-tracked fresh milk exports to China a breakthrough for the Australian dairy industry.

Norco chief executive officer Brett Kelly is confident that the co-op’s farmers will now be the highest paid in the country.

“We have put in roughly a cent in this financial year, and then when you add on the three for next year, that’s four cents. That equates to in dollars around $8 million of net profit,” he said.

Read the full story and listen to the interview at ABC Rural: Norco dairy farmers best paid in country, 3 June



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