Predictions for 2021: Co-ops and mutuals

03 February 2021

Co-operative and mutual enterprises offer a way to build a more resilient, innovative and stable economy in the 21st Century, writes Melina Morrison, in the latest in our series of predictions about what the social economy can expect from 2021.

As the months of 2020 dragged on, each bringing a new challenge to overcome, the articles espousing the need for resilience – defining it, telling us how to be it, get it and to make it stick – proliferated. If years were assigned virtues, like Pantone colours, resilience would be 2020’s.

It was the year that made constant demands on our fortitude and pragmatism. 2020 tested our patience, our continued, collective ability to think and act flexibly, to apply our skills in new and imaginative ways and to innovate on the fly.

And while we arrive in 2021 better equipped to deal with a world and a workplace profoundly changed, we must press on with fierce intent if we are to see economic recovery and the instigation of social change.

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Pro Bono Australia, 3 February 2021

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