Experts meet ACT government to discuss disability housing options

27 October 2015

Last week, the BCCM joined with affordable housing experts to discuss ways to provide housing for people with disability in Canberra. Minister for Disability Joy Burch and Minister for Housing Yvette Berry both attended the roundtable, jointly hosted by the ACT Government, Bank Australia and Business Councils of Co-operatives and Mutuals.

The discussion engaged speakers from co-operatives and housing developments across the country to share experiences about their varied models of affordable housing for people with disability and stimulated discussion on how these might be applied in the ACT.

“One of the priority areas for focus is providing housing for people with disability and this roundtable brought together some of the best minds in housing to discuss solutions”, said Minister Burch.

Minister Berry said the ACT Government is working with the community to develop new models of housing for people with disability. “There is a real need to develop a range of housing models that support people with disability to live more independent lives,” Minister Berry said.

Minister Berry added that the ACT Government is working with the community to develop new models of housing for people with disability.

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