Sports and Recreation

Member-owned sports clubs

Are at the heart of Australian communities

Community is at the heart of Australian sport and it is no surprise that millions of Australians participate in mutually organised sport and recreation activities every week. For example, one in 26 Australians is a member of the country’s 18 AFL clubs. Most AFL clubs are part of the broad range of member-owned organisations in Australia.

Harness the enthusiasm and support of supporters for the benefit of all

Membership is a reciprocal relationship between clubs and their supporters. The entertainment and sense of community provided to the fans is balanced by the financial support and community involvement that the supporters provide the club.

Add to the sporting and cultural life of Australia

Members play a vital role sustaining their club. Members are the guaranteed vocal supporters in their sports and give life to club activities. This is financial, both directly via payments and indirectly via drawing in sponsor attention; and it is non-financial, through important voluntary activities and contributions. In this way, the vast range of sporting activities are maintained in Australia.


FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is more than just a soccer team: it’s a major sports empire, comprising 13 different professional and amateur teams in sports ranging from handball to hockey. As a co-operative sporting association, it has more than 175,000 members, all of whom have a voice in deciding the direction and future of the club.

Year established: 1899

Type: Customer Owned

Industry: Sport and Recreation

North Queensland Toyota Cowboys logo

North Queensland Toyota Cowboys

Based in one of Northern Australia’s economic hot spots, the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys enjoy the largest footprint in the National Rugby League and are one of only a few professional sporting organisations with a successful community-based ownership structure. The NQ Toyota Cowboys reached the holy grail in 2015 and were crowned the NRL Telstra Premiers. Driven by a progressive and dynamic leadership team, the Club is poised to continue its growth on the journey to its new home, the NQStadium, from 2020 and beyond.

Year established: 1995

Type: Customer Owned

Industry: Sport and Recreation

Real Madrid CF

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the most successful soccer clubs on the planet, having won more European Cups than any other team. It is also one of the richest and most widely supported. The plain white strip worn by its players gives it its nickname: Los Blancos. It is owned by more than 60,000 of its supporters.


Year established: 1902

Type: Customer Owned

Industry: Sport and Recreation

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