Action to Empower

Social Care Mutuals Report

Why Australia needs more co-operative and mutual enterprises in health, community, and social services

Action to Empower is our campaign to empower consumers and carers in social care markets to take back control through business model innovation.

Co-operative and mutual business models can increase diversity and choice in health, community and social services in Australia with positive outcomes for accountability, innovation, quality and productivity.

The Action to Empower report is a ‘call to action’ for targeted policy measures focused on enabling different forms of ownership. We discuss the potential contribution of co-operatives and mutuals to innovation and reforms in aged care and disability services, informed by Australian experiences and a BCCM study tour of UK mutuals.

BCCM provides advice and helps organisations, staff, clients and other stakeholders seeking to learn about, form and grow co-operatives and mutuals in health, community and social services as well as aged care. We have a demonstrated track record of helping organisations to transition to mutual models at all stages of development.

In 2021 BCCM is hosting a series of roundtable conversations, webinars and information sessions about Action to Empower. To find out more about the campaign or for advice about setting up a co-op or mutual contact Gillian Mcfee.

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