Co-operatives and Mutual Strategic Development Program

The Australian Institute of Management and The University of Western Australia present this 3-day program facilitated by Professor Tim Mazzarol.

While there are many general management and development programs on the market, most do not meet the specific requirements of this sector, which has acknowledged the need for a dedicated course which captures the unique nature of the co-operative enterprise business model.

Many aspects of the way co-operative and mutual enterprises are managed are similar to more conventional businesses. However, there are also many important differences. These relate to areas such as their governance, distribution of share capital and voting rights, human resources, communications, marketing and strategic purpose.

At the conclusion of the program participants will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast the co-operative and mutual business model with that of investor-owned businesses
  • Exhibit knowledge of the co-operative and mutual business model as it exists locally, nationally and internationally
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply their understanding of co-operative and mutual enterprise business model dynamics to the solving of managerial problems
  • Have greater insight into their personal leadership strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to their organisation’s imperatives
  • Evaluate the impact and make strategic decisions in relation to:
    • government policies and legal environments
    • competitive market dynamics
    • social cooperation within their member community, and
    • the impact of the natural environment
  • Understand the nature of member loyalty and engagement within a co-operative and mutual enterprise and how to strengthen and retain member commitment

MODULE 1: Understanding Co-operative and Mutual Business Models
Examines the theory and practice of the business model concept and how it applies to the co-operative and mutual enterprise.

MODULE 2: Governance and Leadership in Member Owned Businesses
Focusses on the specific challenges facing the board and executive management of a co-operative or mutual enterprise.

MODULE 3: Marketing Our Co-operative Advantage (MOCA)
Provides an understanding of the co-operative or mutual as a service organisation with the purpose of delivering value to members.

MODULE 4: Financing Co-operative and Mutual Businesses
Explores the financial management of co-operative and mutual enterprises and the differences between them and investor owned businesses.

MODULE 5: Legislative Structures and their Impact on Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises
Examines the legislation specific to the co-operative and mutual business sector in Australia.

This program is facilitated by Professor Tim Mazzarol who is a world expert in the co-operative and mutual sector. Tim has conducted extensive research and has authored many publications outlining the key issues, advantages and challenges that face co-operative and mutual organisations. Tim is a highly skilled and engaging facilitator, who takes an experiential approach to adult education, which challenges and inspires participants.

Event Details

Date:       17-19 December 2019 (3 days)

Venue:    AIM WA, Management Centre, 76 Birkdale Street, Floreat WA

Host:       AASB (Australian Accounting Standards Board)

Fee:          $2860 GST inclusive

15% discount applies for BCCM Members.

For further information contact Dr Steve Brown, Manager, AIM WA+UWA Business School Executive Education on 0413 802 702 or email

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